60-Day Success Program

60-Day Success Program

eSpeakers 60-Day Success Program

You have decided to level up your speaking, training, or coaching business with eSpeakers, and we want to help you get the most out of your investment.

The eSpeakers 60-Day Success Program teaches you everything you need to know to leverage eSpeakers to grow your business. The course comprises seven 1-hour Zoom sessions with a live instructor taught in English, once a week. After seven sessions, we wrap around and start on session 1 again. If you miss one, you can pick it up on the next cycle or watch the recording. Each session includes a handout that locks in the lesson. Finish all 7 sessions to earn your eOK badge, showing that you know how grow a speaking, training or coaching business using the eSpeakers system.


Lesson Plans

1 hour each, including Q&A. Live Zoom. In English.

Join the cycle at any time; you don't need to start at #1.
  1. June 25, 12:00 pm MT - session #4
  2. July 2, 12:00 pm MT - session #5
  3. July 9, 12:00 pm MT  -  session #6
  4. July 16, 12:00 pm MT  -  session #7
  5. July 23, 12:00 pm MT - session #1
  6. July 30, 12:00 pm MT  -  session #2
  7. August 6, 12:00 pm MT - session #3

  1. Session #1
    Why market, measure & manage? Start building your profile. The 3 pieces of a complete speaker's office. How to read your eSEO score. 
    How do people hire speakers? EventCX overview.
  2. Session #2
    Your profile photo & topics. Event lifecycle. Sync your calendars to eliminate double-entry.
  3. Session #3
    Profile benefits statement and bio. Impress your customers with your million-dollar portal.
  4. Session #4
    Profile videos and other collateral. The magic of ActionLists. 
  5. Session #5
    Setting your fees and awards. Listing your programs. Business intelligence reports. 1-minute CSP application. 
  6. Session #6
    Zero-effort marketing with SpeakerTRACK. Access the lead board. Track event services travel. Write a contract in 5 seconds.
  7. Session #7
    Announce yourself to bureaus and planners. Smart Trends data. Secrets from 20-year eSpeakers veterans.

Enrollment Cost

All eSpeakers PRO level members receive this training at no cost. Additional staff members may join the course at a cost of $750 USD for all 8 sessions. 

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