Adding Administrative Users to My Marketplace Whitelabel Account

Adding Administrative Users to My Marketplace Whitelabel Account

As you manage your Marketplace whitelabeled site, you'll want a small group of employees to have administrative access to the site, so that they can do things like:
  1. Change the site's look and feel with customized CSS or logo.
  2. Change the wording on the site by altering the dictionary file.
  3. Add/remove users.
  4. Help customers by creating and managing shortlists.

To Add an Administrative User

  1. Sign into your Marketplace Whitelabel account using the SIGN IN button in the upper right of the menu bar. Sign with a user who already has ADMIN privileges on the system. Your Marketplace Whitelabel account was created with at least one when you signed up.
  2. Use the MY ACCOUNT control in the upper-right and choose MANAGE.
  3. From the Manage screen, find the ACTIVITY section and choose USERS.

    admin users

  4. On the Users screen, click the SIGN UP NEW USER button.

    admin new user

  5. Fill out the new user form with contact information for the new person who should have administrator access. Click the SIGNUP button to complete.

    admin user form

  6. Find the new user in the list of users (probably near the top of the list)
  7. In the new users's ROLE column, click the word BUYER to change their access level to ADMIN.

    admin change role

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