BureauBlasts are an easy way to let representatives at hundreds of bureaus around the world find out what you can do for their customers. It's easy, fast, and gets results.
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What is a BureauBlast?

Many meeting planners come to speaker bureaus and agencies when they need a professional speaker. Those bureaus fill the slots with the speakers they know about. So how do you let the bureaus know about you? In the “old days,” speakers would try to find mailing addresses for as many bureaus as they could, and then mail press kits and videos to each of them, hoping the materials would be seen by somebody. It was expensive for the speaker and annoying for the bureaus, who received piles of press kits every single week.

BureauBlast generates an electronic press kit from the information in your profile, and then sends it to hundreds of bureau reps all over the world. It's fast, easy, and the method bureau reps prefer for finding new speakers.

What Are the Benefits of Using BureauBlast?

  1. The Blasts are staggered; only one is sent every two business days, and each Blast features only one speaker at a time– so they have maximum impact.
  2. With most direct mail campaigns, you're lucky to have 2-3% of the recipients look at the material. BureauBlast routinely gets 15-20% of the recipients opening and reviewing the speaker’s material.
  3. The speaker will be able to see statistics that track how many have viewed or opened.
  4. It’s very cost-effective: to reach 400 bureau reps the “old way” (physical media kit mailed out) costs over $8,000. In contrast, the BureauBlast is very economical: (PRO $85.00 USD monthly).

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy to send your Blast:
  1. Get into the EMAIL MARKETING area of your MARKETING DASHBOARD.
  2. Click the PROFILE BLASTS tab along the left.
  3. Find the BureauBlast section on the page and click SCHEDULE YOUR BLAST.

    schedule blast

  4. Use the CALENDAR control to select the date you want your Blast to be sent. Days that are stricken out are unavailable because another Blast is going out then.
  5. Enter your INITIALS to confirm the charge and the date, then click PURCHASE BLAST.

    blast calendar

How Do I Set or Change the Personal Message on the Blast?

We create your Blast from the content you already have in your profile, but there's one piece of the Blast that you enter just for the Blast: your personal message. This is a short (2-4 sentences) message from you to the bureau reps who will see it.
To set or change the note on your BureauBlast after it's been scheduled:
  1. Get into the EMAIL MARKETING area of your MARKETING DASHBOARD.
  2. Click the BUREABLAST tab along the left.
  3. Click CHANGE MESSAGE, and enter or edit your note in the space provided.
  4. Click UPDATE NOTE.
We recommend you use the PREVIEW button afterward to make sure everything looks great.

blast on deck

What to write in your personal message? Here are some recommendations:
  1. Write it in first person ("I want to let you know...")
  2. Mention a reason you're excited to send the Blast: a new book, a new award, a new presentation, etc...
  3. Mention a recent success ("After a standing ovation at Honda last month I was invited...", "I have reduced papercuts at Merrill Lynch by 30% in the last year.")
  4. Make a special offer ("The next 2 bureaus who book me this year get an extra 5% commission.")

blast message

How Do I Change the Date My Blast Will Be Sent?

You can change the date your Blast will be sent anytime you like. Please note that when you "get out of line" for a particular date, it becomes available to everyone else. If you decide later you'd like your original date back, it may not be available.
To change the date your Blast will be sent:
  1. Get into the EMAIL MARKETING area of your MARKETING DASHBOARD.
  2. Click the BUREABLAST tab along the left.
  3. Click CHANGE DATE, and select a new date on the calendar. Dates that are displayed with a strike-thru are not available.

What Does It Look Like?

Sample BureauBlast email below. When the email is sent, the "reply-to" address is the speaker's.
You can use the PREVIEW button before purchasing a Blast to see what yours looks like. After scheduling a Blast, you can use the MAIL ME A SAMPLE to receive in your inbox exactly what the recipients will receive.

bureau blast example

Can I Contact the Recipients After the Blast Is Sent?

When you send a Blast, eSpeakers uses our proprietary list of speakers bureaus and their contact information to send your profile to bureau reps around the world. We do not (and cannot, because of privacy laws) provide that list to you. After your Blast is sent, you will be able to see the number of bureau reps it was sent to, and the count of how many opened. You will not be able to see information about the individual recipients.

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