Contact information on SpeakerTRACK

Contact information on SpeakerTRACK

The name, email address, and phone number shown on SpeakerTRACKs is related to the  username of the person who created the SpeakerTRACK. Changing your email address or phone number here will apply to all future SpeakerTRACKs sent out.  

To change the contact information for your username, use the User Manager on the eSpeakers website. 

To change existing SpeakerTRACKs, log in with the user ID that contains the contact information you want shown on the SpeakerTRACK, and re-create the TRACKs (in the Marketplace Dashboard , under EMAIL MKTG tab). Be sure to delete the existing TRACK first so the recipient doesn't receive double! 

If you use the SpeakerTRACK website plugin to allow visitors to sign up for a SpeakerTRACK from your website, the user ID used to log in and copy the html code will be used as the contact information in the TRACK sent.

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