Difference Between eSpeakers BASIC and PLUS Access Levels

Difference Between eSpeakers BASIC and PLUS Access Levels

Both the Basic and Plus level accounts provide a listing in directory(s). A PLUS account includes more tools for increased marketing exposure.
eSpeakers Basic access includes these pieces for your online profile:
  1. Your bio text
  2. Select up to 6 topics
  3. Select up to 2 industries you have experience in
  4. One photo
  5. Your fee range
  6. 6 programs
  7. Calendar to enter speaking engagements
The regular price for Basic access is $179 per year. You may be receiving Basic access at no cost as a member benefit of a national speakers association or as a benefit of working with a speaker bureau.

eSpeakers Plus access includes these pieces for your online profile -- find suggestions to building an effective eSpeakers PLUS profile.
  1. All of the elements Basic access provides, plus...
  2. Streaming video on your profile
  3. Load various docs
  4. Streaming audio clips
  5. Book/DVD jackets
  6. Multiple photos
  7. Multiple customer testimonials
  8. SpeakerTRACK email marketing system - lets your past and potential customers know when you'll be in their area so they can 'piggy back' or preview you while you are in town
  9. SimpleSite template website
  10. Plugins you can add to your own website
    1. SpeakerTRACK guestbook
    2. Online Assistant
    3. Book Me Now button
    4. LiveSchedule (auto-updated calendar of speaking engagements)
This handy chart lists all the features included in each account level.

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