Download eSpeakers EventCX App

Download eSpeakers EventCX App

eSpeakers custom-designed EventCX app is the backbone of your successful speaking business. EventCX is available for your computer and for your mobile device.

Run EventCX on your computer

The best way to launch EventCX on your computer is to use (and bookmark) this URL:

Some users prefer to have an installed application with its own clickable icon:

  1. EventCX for MacOS
  2. Some Windows users may see a Windows message saying "Windows protected your PC". To continue, click the MORE INFO link, then  click RUN ANYWAY.

Run EventCX on your mobile device

Mobile apps are available to PRO level accounts with minimum user access level of FULL.

iOS devices

  • for iPhone/iPod/iPad  install in iTunes
    Current version 3.0.10, effective Jan 30, 2019   Works on iOS 8.0 and higher, including iPhone 4+, iPad, and iPod Touch 3rd generation or newer 

Android devices

  • for Android phones & tablets  install on Google Play
    Current version 3.0.10, effective Jan 29, 2019   Works on devices with Android 4.0, or newer

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