Entrepreneurs' Organization - EO

Entrepreneurs' Organization - EO

Through a partnership with eSpeakers, the Entrepreneurs' Organization  (EO) provides its members with access to the marketing and business-building tools that eSpeakers provides.

Benefits to Each EO Member

  1. EO provides an eSpeakers BASIC account to each of its members as a member benefit (normally $179 USD / year).
  2. This eSpeakers account:
    1. allows the speaker to be listed on the EO's Speaker directory, where event organizers who trust the EO reputation come to research speakers
    2. provides valuable marketing exposure through other directories that eSpeakers publishes (you can opt-out of being listed on any other directory)
    3. provides a basic event calendaring tool

How Do I Get Listed on the EO's Speaker Directory?

EO provides, at no cost to the member (ever), a free eSpeakers BASIC account.
association selection
Now that you’re an EO member, you can create an online profile that will be published on the EO directory. Because your profile on the EO membership directory is powered by eSpeakers, the EO has arranged for you to have a free eSpeakers Basic profile as a member benefit.
  1. If you don't already have an eSpeakers account, signup for an eSpeakers Basic account ». The EO provides your basic eSpeakers membership at no cost as long as you're an EO member.
  2. Once you have an eSpeakers account, link your eSpeakers profile to the EO directory by identifying yourself as an EO member:
    1. Go to the eSpeakers MY PROFILE screen », then choose CAREER from the choices on the screen's left.
    2. In the section labeled ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS, you can add EO - Entrepreneurs' Organization. Choose the Association from the dropdown list, and click the ADD button.
    3. Click the SAVE button to save your changes. EO will be notified that you’ve saved your association membership on your eSpeakers profile.
  3. If you haven't already, go ahead and fill out your eSpeakers completely.
When your profile is complete (with at least a photo, topics, and bio), and you've identified yourself as an EO member, you'll be automatically included in the EO's Speaker directory. Allow up to 24 hours for your profile to appear.

Is There a Cost to Have a Profile With eSpeakers?

The annual fee for your eSpeakers Basic profile is covered by the EO for current members (regularly $179 USD per year).
Many speakers choose to upgrade their eSpeakers profile to add embedded video, recommendations, and other material, which helps event organizers understand their value. If you are a speaker who is a current EO member, you can upgrade to PRO.

When I Get Hired Through the EO Speaker Directory, Am I Charged a Commission?
When you are contacted by an event organizer through the EO directory, you are charged a finder's fee for leads you gain and close through their site. The finder's fee is 10%, to help cover the administrative costs of booking the job. You're never required to accept a lead that's provided to you, and if you do accept it, you're only asked to pay the finder's fee when you land the deal. The fee is disclosed with the initial lead information, so there are no surprises.

How Can I Upgrade My Profile to Include Video?
If you would like to add embedded video (which plays without leaving your profile page), recommendations, and other features to your profile, you can upgrade to PRO.

What Happens When a Buyer Pulls up My Profile on the EO Speaker Directory?
When an event organizer, searching for a speaker, pulls up your profile on the EO Speaker directory, they see your complete profile, including:
  1. Name
  2. Topics
  3. Bio
  4. Photos
  5. Programs
  6. No Fees
  7. Offsite Video Link
  8. (For Pro members) Embedded video, recommendations, one-sheet
Buyers also see your direct contact information:
  1. Website
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Mailing Address
In addition, there is a "direct message" button the buyer can use to fill out some basic event information which is emailed directly to you as a lead.
There is a 10% finder's fee for the lead to help cover the administrative costs of booking the job in the EO's Speaker directory.

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