Event Organizers and Meeting Professionals

Event Organizers and Meeting Professionals


You may be a seasoned full-time meeting planner who manages every detail for 50 meetings a year. You may be an executive assistant who just left the CEO's office with, "And the speaker should be amazing and right on point!" still ringing in your ears.  

Whether you're new to hiring speakers or you've done it hundreds of times, the  eSpeakers Marketplace is the best place to find and hire the perfect speaker for your event. 

Why hire my next speaker through eSpeakers?
  • Reduce your risk hiring a speaker 
  • World-wide catalog of amazing experts 
  • Make the transaction simple and safe with built-in contracting and payment tools 
  • Search using simple search tools, or post the job and let the perfect speaker find you (or both!)

Let's go!

  1. Post my call for speakers*
  2. Browse and research in the speaker catalog*
  3. Sign up for my free eSpeakers Marketplace account*
  4. See top speakers by topic*
  5. Refer meetings that need a speaker on SpeakerShare*

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