Export Your Events to Other Calendar Programs

Export Your Events to Other Calendar Programs

Your eSpeakers calendar can easily be displayed in most calendar programs. This is a really handy view that combines your professional events displayed with your daily personal items. No double-entry!
The technique explained here works with any iCalendar-compatible program, including ...
  1. Google Calendar
  2. Outlook 2007 or newer
  3. Yahoo Calendar
  4. iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
  5. Android
  6. Mac Calendar
  7. ...any iCalendar-compatible program

Generate Your eSpeakers iCalendar Feed URL

The first step for exporting to any calendar program is to 'generate your eSpeakers iCal feed to display your eSpeakers calendar in an iCalendar-compatible program:
  1. Sign in to your eSpeakers calendar.
  2. In the user menu (upper right-hand corner, labeled with your user name), choose SETTINGS.
    EventCX Menu
  3. In the account settings screen, choose the CONNECT tab.
    iCal Feed
  4. From the connection choices along the left, choose ICAL FEED.
  5. In the EXPORT SPEAKING CALENDAR section, select your timezone and check the boxes to include the events you want to show up in your iCalendar feed.
  6. Click the SHOW MY URL button.
    Export iCal
  7. Your iCalendar URL is displayed. Use your mouse to select it (be sure to get all of it!) and use your mouse or keyboard shortcut to COPY it.
    iCal Export Finish
Now that your iCalendar feed URL is in your computer's clipboard and ready to paste, continue to the next section and follow the instructions for the calendar program you want to add your speaking calendar to.
Note: Your iCalendar feed URL is tied to your eSpeakers password. When you change your eSpeakers password, any existing iCalendar URLs will stop working, and you will need to repeat this process.

Add the Feed URL to Your Calendar Program

Google Calendar

Add your iCalendar feed to Google Calendar:
  1. Open up your 
    Google Calendar
  2. In the left sidebar, find the OTHER CALENDARS section and click the PLUS icon next to the label

  3. In the popup list, choose FROM URL

  4. Paste in the long URL you copied from the earlier steps
  5. Click the ADD CALENDAR button to complete the process

Mac Calendar

  1. In the Calendar app  on your Mac, choose File > New Calendar Subscription.
  2. PASTE in the iCalendar URL you copied from EventCX, then click Subscribe.
  3. Enter a name for the calendar in the Name field, then click the adjacent pop-up menu and choose a color.
  4. Click the Location pop-up menu, then choose an account for the subscription.
    1. If you choose your iCloud account, the calendar is available on all your computers and devices that are set up with iCloud.
    2. If you choose On My Mac, the calendar is saved on your computer.
  5. Click the Auto-refresh pop-up menu, then choose how often to update the calendar. We recommend "daily". 
  6. To prevent alerts from appearing for this calendar, select “Ignore alerts.”
  7. Click OK.
  8. To make changes later, click the name of the calendar, then choose Edit > Get Info.

Outlook 365

  1. Sign in to Outlook.com.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Calendar.
  3. In the navigation pane, select Add calendar.
  4. Select Subscribe from web.
  5. Subscribe to a calendar
  6. PASTE in the iCalendar URL you copied from EventCX
  7. Select Import.


  1. Tap Calendars at the bottom of the screen, then tap Add Calendar.
  2. Tap Add Subscription Calendar, paste in the URL you copied from EventCX (may be helpful to email it to yourself, read the email on your phone, then select and copy the URL from the email), then click Subscribe.
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