Find and Work With Events in EventCX

Find and Work With Events in EventCX

Finding an event that was created earlier is a frequent activity. There are several ways to find events:
  1. Use the GLOBAL SEARCH box on the Calendar view.

    main search

  2. Use the specific search options by clicking on the GEAR symbol to the right of the search field.


    1. CANCELED / RELEASED - this is the only way to display events you have marked as Canceled / Released status.
    2. DATELESS SEARCH - this is the only way to display events that were created without a date.
    3. DEEP SEARCH - this field allows you to search deep into your event data using fields not included in the regular search:
      1. "Standard" search looks through:
        1. Event ID number
        2. Organization ("speaking to")
        3. Reason for meeting
        4. Venue city
        5. Venue country
        6. Bureau name
      2. "Deep" search additionally searches through:
        1. Username
        2. Bureau notes
        3. Conference call notes
        4. Hotel name
        5. Event notes
        6. Short custom fields
        7. Long custom fields
        8. Contact names
        9. Contact titles
        10. Contact notes
    4. MARKETPLACE SEARCH - to display all events that were created from Marketplace buyers.

      search marketplace

    5. SPEAKER - for those with multiple speakers attached to their login you have the ability to search in only one speakers' account.

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