Find CMP CE Qualified Speakers

Find CMP CE Qualified Speakers

eSpeakers enjoys a partnership with MPI that provides great benefits for anyone needing speakers and trainers. MPI publishes a directory of speakers called the MPI Speaker Resource. This directory is powered by eSpeakers Marketplace technology and includes speakers who have an eSpeakers profile.
The MPI Speaker Resource provides a unique benefit not found anywhere else: the ability to search for speakers who speak on CMP International Standards domains.

Next time your chapter needs a speaker to provide CE hours, just head over to the MP Speaker Resource and use the CMP filter to make the job easy.

Use the CMP Filter to Find CE Speakers

Chapter leaders and others who need to provide CMP CE clock hours for their organization can find a qualified speaker quickly using the MPI Speaker Resource.
  1. Open the MP Speaker Resource so that the search controls appear along the left side of the screen.
  2. Set other search parameters as desired (max fee, date available, etc).
  3. There are 3 ways to select the CMP domain you're interested in:
    1. Starting type the domain in the search box until it auto-completes

      cmp searchbox

    2. Or click the PROGRAM STYLE link just below the search box, then select the CMP DOMAIN tab, and click a domain

      cmp picker

    3. Or Use the CMP DOMAIN dropdown list near the bottom of the search bar, click to open it, and check the box for the domain you want

      cmp checkboxes

    4. Whichever method you choose, you'll have best results selecting only one domain at a time. When you choose more than one, the filter will only include speakers with programs on ALL of the topics.
  4. Once you've found candidates, you can direct message them. Be sure to mention that you need CE hours in your initial communication. Complete the hiring process through the directory to gain the security it offers. There is no cost to you.
Note: Presenters in the directory self-identify alignment to a CMP domain. As the program host, you will submit the program to the CIC for credit approval. Ask the presenter for a summary of their program suitable to copy & paste in your submission to the CIC.

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