Generate and Store Documents in EventCX

Generate and Store Documents in EventCX


During an event's lifecycle, there are typically a few documents to be created and stored for the event. EventCX can create most of those documents for you, and store them right on the event.
Examples of event-related documents:
  1. Thank-you letter
  2. Contract
  3. Invoice
  4. Presentation file

Attach a File to an Event

You can permanently attach files for storage right on an event, making it really easy to find and access critical data even years later.
To attach a file to an event:
  1. Navigate to the LIBRARY tab on an active event
  2. Click ATTACH FILE
  3. Click the CHOOSE FILES button to select a file from your hard drive (You can select and attach more than one file at a time by holding down CTRL or SHIFT while you select files. When you do this, the files' DESCRIPTION will be set automatically as the file name.)
  4. Enter a DESCRIPTION for the file, like "Initial invoice", "Thank-you letter", or "Signed contact"
  5. Click the ATTACH button to complete.

Remove an Attached File From an Event

You can remove files you no longer need from the event:
  1. Navigate to the LIBRARY tab.
  2. Hover your mouse over the file you want to remove and click the `X` control on the right end of the row.
  3. Click the DELETE button that appears to remove the file, or the NO button keep the file (removed files cannot be recovered later by you or by eSpeakers staff).

Update an Attached File With a New Version

If you have an updated version to replace an attached file, you can either delete the old file and upload the new, or you can edit the existing file and replace the current version with your edited version:
  1. Navigate to the LIBRARY tab.
  2. Hover your mouse over the file you want to edit and click the PENCIL icon on the right end of the row.
  3. In the window that appears, click the EDIT FILE link and save the current version of the file to your hard drive.
  4. Open the file on your hard drive and make changes to it. Do not close the EDIT window.
  5. On the EDIT window, click the CHOOSE FILES button to select the edited file from your hard drive.
  6. You can edit the DESCRIPTION at this time if you wish.
  7. Click the SAVE button to complete the process.

Generate a Document for an Event From a Template

Select any existing template from your TEMPLATE LIBRARY to merge in data from the active event and have a finished document in just a few seconds. The finished document is a standard Word or Excel file that can be printed, saved, emailed, or stored on the event as an attached file.

Create Template Files to Use for Merging

Any Word or Excel document can be turned into a template file that will generate completed documents for any event with just one click.

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