Get Great Return on Your eSpeakers Investment

Get Great Return on Your eSpeakers Investment

eSpeakers is proud of the way we help speakers, trainers and coaches to grow a sustainable, long-term business with a great quality of life.

Your investment every month or year in eSpeakers will pay dividends when you use the tools. Like any tool, you've got to use the eSpeakers system to realize its value in your business. That fancy new hammer you bought at the hardware store? It would be tough to build without it, but it doesn't build by itself -- you are the builder and it is your tool.

Compute Your eSpeakers ROI

Here's how to make sure you're getting a return on investment (ROI) on your eSpeakers account.

For this example we are assuming a speaker who charges $3,000 for a keynote:
Per Year
+ $1,500SpeakerTrack gets 1 new engagement every 2 years
+ $1,000saves 1 hour per week (50 hours/yr) of staff time at $20/hour
+ $1,500Client Portal experience promotes 1 repeat engagement every 2 years
+ $1,500contacts mined from the Local Lead Pool gained 1 new engagement every 2 years
- $809cost of eSpeakers PRO account
+ $4,691ANNUAL ROI (gained or saved per year with an eSpeakers PRO account)
We're working hard here at eSpeakers HQ to provide great value for our customers, and we're proud of our amazing retention rate: the majority of our customers stay with us year after year.

What eSpeakers Tools Should I Use to Get a Great Return?

The eSpeakers system includes a wide variety of tools aimed at making your operations more efficient, and helping you have a great presence in the online directory space. Here are the things that professional speakers take advantage of in their PRO level account to maximize return:
  1. Feed your client list into the SpeakerTRACK system to start generating piggy-back bookings and consulting. Great to get prospects out to preview you, too.
  2. Use the library templates feature of EventCX to generate contacts, thank-yous and more more with a touch.
  3. Send postcards, or make phone calls, to the top 50 leads you get access to through the Local Lead Pool. Invite them to come preview your presentation while you're near them, or to do a piggy-back booking and save the travel.
  4. Add the Book Me Now button to your website to make it easy for prospective customers to check your availability in realtime and place a hold right on your speaking calendar.
  5. Link your speaking calendar in EventCX to your phone and desktop calendar to eliminate any double-entry, save time, and improve accuracy.
  6. Use the Client Portal to collect pre-event information from your customers, and to give them access to current event information without needing to call or write you as often.

Should I Be Getting Leads From eSpeakers?

eSpeakers has a job board through which event organizers research and hire speakers. eSpeakers members get leads and close business through the system every week.

However, the idea of hiring (and paying, and contracting) speakers online is new to the industry -- eSpeakers is pioneering it. The volume of jobs that come through the system is growing but not yet large (2017). Online bookings (leads) flowing into your inbox is not (yet) where you should look for value from your eSpeakers account.

See the section above for all the great ways that eSpeakers tools make and save you real dollars.

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