How Do I Add LiveSchedule to My Website?

How Do I Add LiveSchedule to My Website?

If you want to show your past/upcoming speaking schedule on your own website, there's no easier way to do it than with the eSpeakers LiveSchedule site plugin. Have your webmaster copy and paste a small code snippet to permanently embed your eSpeakers schedule onto your website. Then never touch it again -- it will automatically update from your eSpeakers schedule.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Website plugins are included in your eSpeakers PRO account
  2. Many speakers like to publishing their upcoming speaking schedule so that prospective clients will have a chance to double-book them if they are in the area.

How Do I Add My eSpeakers Speaking Schedule (LiveSchedule) To My Own Website?

Adding a permanently updated speaking calendar to your own website is easy.
  1. On the eSpeakers site, choose the MARKETING DASHBOARD tab.
  2. Then click the PLUGINS & Simplesite tab.
  3. Find the LIVESCHEDULE section and click the SETTINGS button to make sure you're showing what you'd like to.
  4. In the LIVESCHEDULE section, click the GET CODE button.
  5. In the window that comes up, select the HTML code in the box and copy it to your computer clipboard. Now you're ready to PASTE that code into a page on your website.
  6. All done!
See the LiveSchedule plugin in action on the Zeke Ridges demo site.


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