How do I review my speaker after the event?

How do I review my speaker after the event?

After your presenter has performed for you, give them a review. This helps other organizers like you understand the presenter's strengths or weaknesses so they can make the best choice for their meeting. 

  • Log in to eSpeakers Marketplace (or the branded site where you signed up) 
  • Choose the MY JOBS menu from the top menu bar 
  • Click the COMPLETED EVENTS tab to show events whose date is in the past 
  • Select the event from the list for which you want to review the presenter 
  • Looking at the shortlist screen, click on the SPEAKER that you hired 
  • With the event in "post event" status, the review form will be front and center
  • Select "I would recommend..." or "I would not recommend", then use the text box to explain your choice.

Please be honest and helpful with your review.  This is a public review that anyone, including future event organizers, will see and use to help them decide on the best speaker for them.

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