Improve Your Look with Copywriting Services

Improve Your Look with Copywriting Services


Most of us have heard the phrase “Content is King.” Well, it’s true!

Prospective clients often make a decision about you simply by reading your bio and topics. Based on the written word alone, they may make this decision before picking up the phone or watching your video. What does your eSpeakers profile say to your prospective customers? Does it say “King,” or is it a less-than-desirable description of what you can actually offer?

eSpeakers' professional writers can make sure you're making a great impression with the bio text on your profile. Our professionals know the speaking industry and understand how to make you shine! Our copy experts can spot even the most obscure errors and transform merely passable text into dynamite content that will sell you!

eSpeakers professional writers offer two services for your bio:

Editing service

Our editing service starts with a bio that you provide, and performs the following checks and corrections to proof and repair your existing text:
    1. Correct spelling
    2. Capitalization
    3. Word use
    4. Punctuation
    5. Elimination of grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies
    6. Awkward sentences are restructured
    7. Warn if your organization and flow of information is not consistent
    8. Our copyeditor’s job is to find trouble and make suggestions—the decision to apply these suggestions is yours.
It's never a good idea to be your own proofreader, no matter how comfortable you are with writing. Let us help you look your best.

Our editing service takes 3-5 business days and costs $100 USD.

Rewrite service

You need content that makes you stand out in a crowd. You need an effective, easy-to-read bio that tells the world you’re the person they should hire. We deal with thousands of presenters, speakers bureaus, meeting planners, and media outlets each year. We know this market; we know exactly what each entity wants. Our copywriter will write a professional bio in the right style and format to demonstrate your professional credibility.

The best bios are memorable because they highlight the differences between you and your competitors. Ideally, after reading your professionally written bio, clients will be compelled to book you.

Our rewrite service can start a new bio for you from scratch, or make major revisions to your existing text. Our editor will explore your material carefully to learn about you and then write a powerful bio for you.

Our rewrite service takes 7-10 business days and costs $250 USD.

Satisfaction Guarantee

eSpeakers offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee on all editing and writing services.

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