Integrating with Keap (Infusionsoft)

Integrating with Keap (Infusionsoft)

Keap (previously Infusionsoft) is a powerful contact manager (CRM) that is popular because of its ability to send marketing email to customers.

If you keep your contacts in Keap, you can easily link them to your eSpeakers events. This feature is included with your PRO account ( upgrade ).

You can also import Keap Opportunities into your eSpeakers account as an event . This is useful as the Keap sales process takes an opportunity into a firm date -- then it's time to add it to your speaking calendar as a hold.

Configuring the Keap Connector

  1. In EventCX, find the account menu (your username in the upper-right corner) and choose SETTINGS
  2. In the settings screen, use the CONNECT tab and choose KEAP CONNECTOR SETTINGS

    connect menu

  3. ACTIVATE the booster if needed to arrive at the booster settings screen for the Keap Connector. There are 4 pieces of information you need to enter.

    isoft booster settings

  4. Keap APP NAME. Find this by looking at the URL in your browser while you're logged into your Keap account. It's the few characters before

    isoft url

  5. Keap APP KEY. Find this by using the main Keap menu and choosing SETTINGS under the ADMIN section (you'll need to be logged with a user having ADMIN rights). On the admin screen, scroll down to the API section to find your key.

    isoft admin settings

    isoft key

  6. Keap USERNAME. This is the login id you use to access your Keap account.
  7. Keap PASSWORD. This is the password you use to access your Keap account.
  8. Click the SAVE SETTINGS button to store your settings.
That's it! Just quit and restart the eSpeakers application to make the booster effective.

Linking Keap Contacts to eSpeakers Events

  1. In the eSpeakers app, use the CONTACTS tab on the event you want to link contacts to.
  2. From the dropdown list next to the GRAB button, choose KEAP. Then click the GRAB button.

    isoft grab

  3. Enter part or all of the name of the contact you want to be added to this event, then click the search button (MAGNIFYING GLASS).
  4. Choose the name you want from the list of the results and click the GRAB button.


  5. Presto! You now have a copy of that Keap contact added to the event.
Note that grabbed contacts are copies; you can make changes to their record on the eSpeakers event and it will not affect the original contact in Google Contacts. Likewise, changes you make in Google Contacts will not change copies of those contacts previously added to an event.

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