Job Board FAQ

Job Board FAQ

Many of the sites where your profile can be published allow the event organizer to post their need for a presenter as a public job. It is a call for speakers for a specific event. Sometimes the buyer has added a few speakers to the shortlist and is inviting others to be considered. eSpeakers members at the PRO level can see a list of the posted jobs and apply to them.

There is a related article that details the process of getting booked through Marketplace .

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the Marketplace Job Board

  1. The Marketplace job board allows event organizers to describe their need for a speaker (a "job") and for speakers to apply for consideration to that job. A phrase commonly used to describe this is "call for speakers".
  2. Jobs are added to the job board by individual event organizers seeking a speaker for a specific event.
  3. Jobs are removed from the public job board when the event organizer marks the job as "closed" (they picked a speaker), or when the event date passes. If you'd interacted with a job, and later can't find it in the list -- it closed with someone else.
  4. Sometimes event organizers post their job well in advance of the event date, and sometimes they are scrambling to fill a last-minute slot.
  5. eSpeakers members with a PRO account can access the job board on the event calendar by clicking the MARKETPLACE link in the main menu.
  6. To date, eSpeakers has had few reports of any posted jobs being a scam (and those have been removed quickly). However, it's a public job board, so keep your antenna up as you would any online site. Consult the list of speaking job scams if you are unsure.
  7. If the event organizer fails to respond to a speaker after they reply to a posted job, there are several possible causes. Responses come via email, so make sure anything is whitelisted and not in your spam filter. It may also be a case of the event organizer's inbox filtering your reply; this is sometimes the case with an event organizer's first job posting before they've solved the problem. It may also be the case of the event organizer just not being courteous enough to reply. eSpeakers is working to put messaging and systems in place to encourage responses to speakers.
  8. Speakers should only apply to jobs for which they feel qualified. Speakers who "shotgun" many events may have their access to the job board revoked.
  9. Finder's fees apply to job board jobs that a speaker applies to in the same way they do when the event organizer selects an individual speaker from the directory and engages them.
  10. Applying to a job adds a speaker to the job's "shortlist". This means that their profile and message has been sent to the event organizer for consideration. Other speakers are likely competing for the same work; applying does not mean the speaker will be awarded the job.
  11. If a job is marked as "FULL", it means that the maximum number of speakers have already applied to the job and it is not accepting more applications.
  12. Each speaker can have a maximum of 10 job applications open at once. You can "withdraw" from jobs to which you have already applied to free up one of your available applications.
  13. Listed jobs appear with a colored icon next to it to help you sort them easily. A listing with a GREY icon is the default color of a job listing. BLUE listings are your leads, GREEN postings are your confirmed jobs.

How Do Presenters See the Available Jobs?

Presenters with an eSpeakers PRO account see and apply to jobs on the Marketplace job board.
  1. Sign in to the EventCX calendar app.
  2. From the menu at the top of the screen, choose MARKETPLACE.

    job board menu

  3. On the Marketplace screen, choose the JOB BOARD tab.

    job board list

  4. Scroll through the list of active jobs to see what's available. Jobs are listed in date order with the soonest at the top.

Are There Differences at Different Account Levels?

Yes, your eSpeakers account level makes a difference in how you see job board jobs.
  1. PRO level account users have full access to the job board, and see jobs within minutes after they are posted by meeting planners.
  2. BASIC level account users do not have access to the job board.

How Do Presenters Apply to a Job?

Presenters who see a posted job that aligns closely with their content and expertise can apply to be considered for the work.
  1. Select a job from the job board list by clicking on it.
  2. Read the job's details, noting especially the date, topic, and message from the buyer describing the event. Sometimes the buyers add lots of detail, and sometimes details are sparse. This screen also describes any finder's fee that would apply if you are awarded this job and perform the event. Whether a finder's fee exists, and its amount, depend on the partner through which the lead came.

    job detail

  3. You should only apply to job if you feel your content is specifically a good match for the buyer's needs, and if you are willing to willing to pay the listed finder's fee if you are awarded the job. Please keep the Marketplace a useful and comfortable place for buyers by applying only to jobs for which your content is a great match.
  4. If you feel you are a good match, you can apply to the job by clicking the APPLY NOW.
  5. In the APPLY TO JOB window, enter your typical fee, a short description of what you'll provide the buyer, and any other questions that will help you make an offer.

    apply to job

  6. You do not need to put a link to your profile or promotional information in the response. When the buyer receives your message via email, it is attached to your profile, so they can easily see your recommendations, video, and other material you have on your profile.
  7. Click APPLY to send it to the buyer and be added to the buyers Shortlist for the job.This is not an official offer to work; at this point you've just said, "Hello, I'm interested in your job" to the buyer.

What Happens After a Presenter Applies to a Job?

When a presenter applies to a job, the buyer is immediately notified via email.
response received

The job is moved from the JOB BOARD list to the LEADS & OFFERS list on the speaker's MARKETPLACE tab.

After a presenter has applied to a job, either party (the buyer or the speaker) can initiate an OFFER. It's typical to have communicated via the MESSAGES window before initiating an offer; generally a speaker needs more details about the engagement before being able to make a thoughtful offer.

For more details about the process of making and accepting OFFERS, see this article .

If/when the buyer responds to a speaker, the speaker will receive an immediate email notice. Be sure to whitelist to ensure reception.

If desired, it's acceptable for a presenter to follow up once after a few days without a response. If 2 messages have gone unanswered, a third is not advisable.

Hopefully, the the presenter and buyer will engage via messages to close the deal. See this article for details of how the buyer contracts and pays online through the Marketplace platform.

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