Local Lead Pool Report

Local Lead Pool Report


One of the ways eSpeakers helps you grow your business is by providing marketing opportunities for you. We have a database of thousands of potential customers, all geocoded. Each time you book a confirmed event on your eSpeakers calendar, we send you a list of these marketing leads.

Why Am I Getting a Local Lead Pool Email?

The Local Lead Pool (Sales Opportunity) report will be emailed to the users on your account when the following conditions occur:
  1. An event becomes confirmed; the email is triggered based on setting the event status to CONFIRMED. This may be a new event, or an existing event that changes status to confirmed.
  2. The event NOT marked personal.
  3. Venue details include city, state, zip/postal.
  4. Once you change the status to CONFIRMED, the event date/time must be AT LEAST one day in the future – or more accurately, at least one day past the time we run the program that produces those emails, which is about 4:00am MT.
  5. The email will not be sent more than once for any event. If the venue details are changed / updated after this email is sent, you will NOT receive a new email based on those changes.
You don’t have to wait for the email, though – you can run the same list of contacts from the desktop application and via our website after logging in. When using the App click on REPORTS menu item at top, choose CURRENT EVENT, then LOCAL LEAD POOL. See more details here .
NOTE : The Local Lead Report report is available to all account levels, but with limited contact leads for BASIC accounts.

I Want to Start or Stop Receiving the Local Lead Pool Email

If you'd rather not receive the Local Lead Pool email automatically, you can turn that off in email preferences:
email marketing
  1. Sign in to the user manager »
  2. Click your user name to select it and click EDIT.
  3. Scroll to the email preference labeled MARKETING: receive a list of local contacts (including media contacts) for confirmed events. and UNCHECK it to stop receiving the email, or CHECK it to begin receiving it.
  4. Click SAVE to make your change permanent.

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