Mac Address Book

Mac Address Book

You can copy contacts from your local Mac Contacts (used to be "Address Book") onto an event without re-typing. Typically, an event has 2 or 3 people associated with it (event organizer, A/V crew, onsite contact, etc.)
mac contacts
Often, these people are already in your address book (the Contacts app). Your eSpeakers calendar can copy these contacts onto an event, saving you the effort of retyping their information.
At the time this article is being written, Apple prevents 3rd party websites (including eSpeakers) from directly accessing the contacts you have in your Mac Contacts app. They also prevent any sort of access to the contacts you have stored in iCloud.

To get around these limitations, you can link the contacts in your Contacts app with a free Google account, and then link them from there to the events on your eSpeakers calendar. Sound complicated? It's not! It will take you about 10 minutes to set up, and then you'll never have to think about it again -- grabbing contacts will just work.

These instructions walk you through the process of getting a free Google account (if you don't already have one), and then setting up the sync between your Mac Contacts app and your Google account.

Get a Free Google Account

If you already have a Google account, skip this step.
This process creates an email address for you, but don't worry -- this doesn't replace the normal email address you already use. It's just your username for Google's free services. If your company uses Google Apps for business, that existing account will work fine; no need to create another one.

Sync your Mac Contacts with your Google account

You'll only need to do this step once. When it's completed, it will stay in sync with no further actions needed.
  1. On your Mac, open the Contacts application.
  2. Click Contacts at the top of the screen and then Preferences.
  3. Open the Accounts tab and click +.
  4. Fill out your account information in the following fields:
    1. Account type: CardDAV
    2. User name: Enter your full Google Account or Google Apps email address.
    3. Password: Your Google Account or Google Apps password. (If you’ve enabled 2 Step verification, you’ll need to generate and enter an application specific password.)
    4. Server address:
Check out this page this page of instructions from Google for more information

Connect Your eSpeakers Account to Your Google Account

  1. Sign in to your eSpeakers Calendar settings.
  2. In the CONNECT tab, choose GOOGLE CONTACTS on the left.

    google config

  3. Click the button labeled CONNECT TO YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT
  4. Follow the prompts on screen to select an account or sign into your Google Account.
  5. Google will ask you confirm that you want to allow your eSpeakers calendar to access your contacts. Click the ALLOW button.

    google contacts allow

Grab Contacts From Your Google Account to Copy Them to an Event

At this point, your Google account has the same contacts that your Mac Contacts app does, so grabbing contacts from Google is the same as grabbing from your Mac Contacts app.
  1. On your eSpeakers calendar, pull up the event you want to connect a contact to.
  2. Move to the CONTACTS tab.
  3. Next to the GRAB button, set the dropdown list to "from Google Contacts".

    google grab

  4. Click the GRAB button.
  5. Enter a part of the name you'd like to attach and click the MAGNIFYING GLASS button.

    grab search

  6. A list of matching names will be displayed below. Click the GRAB button next to the one you want.
  7. The contact's information will be copied and displayed so that you can make any changes before you click SAVE.
When you grab a contact onto an event, a copy is made that is no longer linked back to the original. You can make changes to the contact on your event without worrying about changing the original contact from which is was copied.

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