Main Configuration Settings for My Marketplace Whitelabel Site

Main Configuration Settings for My Marketplace Whitelabel Site

The main settings page for your Marketplace Whitelabel site gives you control over many important aspects of your speaker directory.

To reach the Main Settings page:
  1. Sign in to eSpeakers

    publisher account menu

  3. From the Manage screen, find the SETTINGS section and choose MAIN SETTINGS
The Main Settings screen offers the following:

manage main settings

  1. Company Name
    1. Enter the name of your organization (i.e. Find-a-Speaker, Inc., Association of Associated Speakers)
  2. Homepage Link
    1. Enter the full URL of the page on your site where a visitor should go if they click your logo on the left side of the top menu bar (i.e.
  3. Contact Us Link (optional)
    1. Enter a full URL here if you'd like a CONTACT US menu bar item to be added, linking to the URL you enter (i.e.
  4. Google Analytics (optional)
    1. If you'd like your directory analytics reported directly to your own Google Analytics account, enter your Tracking Id number from Google here.
  5. Default Language
    1. Select the language that your directory should present to visitors the first time they visit your directory. This setting controls everything on your directory except for the the profile content provided by speakers.
  6. Commission (optional)
    1. If your directory charges the speaker a commission, enter that here as a whole number (i.e., for 20%, enter 20 and not 0.20). The number you enter here will be added to the commission that eSpeakers charges to become the full finders fee commission that speakers pay for fulfilled bookings.
  7. eSpeakers Commission
    1. This number is entered by eSpeakers and should reflect your agreement with eSpeakers. If you see a discrepancy, please let eSpeakers staff know at
  8. Features
    1. Show speakers' contact information
      1. Turn this ON if you want to display speaker's direct contact information (phone number, address, website, email address) on their profile. This is a dramatic feature and it requires confirmation from eSpeakers before it will become effective. Please let eSpeakers staff know if you'd like to display speakers' contact information.
    2. Always sort the speaker search results alphabetically
      1. By default, the results of any search are ordered by the speaker's eSEO score, which indicates how useful the profile will be to the visitor. If you'd prefer instead to sort results by last name, turn this ON.
    3. Don't show speaker fee ranges
      1. Turn this ON to hide speaker fees on the profile and search results
    4. Do not display an initial list of speaker results before a search has been performed
      1. By default, when a visitor comes to the search page for the first time, a list of speakers is displayed. If prefer not to show any speaker results until the visitor has performed their first search, turn this ON.
Be sure to click SAVE when you're done to make your changes effective.

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