Manage Event Contacts in EventCX

Manage Event Contacts in EventCX


It is common for each event on your EventCX booking calendar to have several contacts tied to it:
  1. The primary booking contact
  2. A/V contact
  3. On-site contact
  4. Bureau rep
  5. Etc.

Add a Contact to an Event

Start with EventCX on your screen and the correct event showing.
Choose the CONTACTS tab
Click the ADD CONTACT button, fill out the form (most fields are optional) and click the ADD NEW CONTACT button to save.

Often the contact you would want to link to an event already exists in your CRM application. Rather than typing the contact information in again when you create a new contact, EventCX lets you link an existing contact from compatible CRMs.
  1. Start with EventCX on your screen and the correct event showing
  2. Choose the CONTACTS tab
  3. Use the dropdown list next to the GRAB button to select your CRM application
  4. Click the GRAB button
  5. In the window that appears, enter all (or part) of the name of the contact that already exists in your CRM in the NAME TO SEARCH FOR field. Click the MAGNIFYING GLASS button to execute.
  6. EventCX will display a list of contacts in your CRM whose name matches the text you entered. Choose one of the contacts returned and click the GRAB button by their name.
  7. EventCX creates a new contact, tied to the active event, with as much data as available copied from the contact you chose from your CRM.
NOTE: When grabbing a contact, EventCX creates a copy that is no longer linked to your CRM. Changing the contact in your CRM will not make changes to the contact in EventCX, and vice versa.

The Notemail feature ties all of the email conversations you have with your contacts to the event notes. This is a great way to have a complete history of all the communication about the event in one place.
The Notemail feature works no matter what email application you use, or how many people in your office are sending and receiving messages related to the event.

Invite a Contact to Follow Their Event on Your Client Portal

Treat your customers like V.I.P.s by giving them live access to their event details on your Client Portal. You control which pieces of information the client can see and/or update.

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