Marketing Boosts

Marketing Boosts

eSpeakers provides marketing tools that are unique to the speaking industry. Many of our specialized systems leverage your speaking schedule: we like to help presenters multiply their business by using every engagement as a way to get more engagements. 


Marketing boosts for your website

You or your webmaster can add these embed codes to your website once and then let them market for you 24x7. 

  • Book Me Now button
    A friendly inquiry form that emails results to you immediately, and adds a "lead" event to your calendar. This inquiry form has something no other has: a built-in availability checker tied to your eSpeakers calendar that gives your customers instant feedback about your availability.

  • LiveSchedule calendar
    Visitors to your website love to see where you've been and where you're going. Add this plugin to a page on your site and it's constantly updated, live, from your eSpeakers calendar.

  • Video Theater
    Video is as crucial on your website as it is on your eSpeakers profile. Now you can let visitors watch your videos on your website  without using Youtube or Vimeo plugins, which are often blocked by corporate firewalls.

  • SpeakerTRACK Guestbook
    A small form you can add to your site that invites visitors to find out when you'll be in there area next. A great, organic way to grow your SpeakerTRACK list.

  • Client Portal
    Treat your customer like a V.I.P. by giving them their own portal page showing their event details, live from your EventCX calendar. You control what they can see and/or update. Includes the pre-event questionnaire.

Don't have a website yet? Now you do!  SimpleSite is an attractive, templated website created from your profile content. 

Marketing boosts for your email list

  • SpeakerTRACK outbound email
    Combining your own client list, your travel schedule, and the magic of geo-targeting into an outbound email tool that recipients love to get.

  • Local Lead Pool
    Every time you travel, get a marketing list of other potential clients in the area you're going to, drawn from our database of thousands.

Other marketing tools

  • BureauBlast
    Directory Marketing is on the rise as an effective marketing tool for speakers, but speakers bureaus are still a viable way to get new business. If you'd like to be introduced to more speakers bureaus, try this.

  • PlannerBlast
    We'll compose an attractive HTML ad for you and send it to our database of thousands of event organizers in your behalf.

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