Marketplace Directory Modes Explained

Marketplace Directory Modes Explained

The eSpeakers directory can operate in one of several modes, each for a different scenario: 

Bureau Mode  

  • This mode is useful for speaker bureaus who handle their own contracting and payment, and who want to intercede between the event organizer ("buyer") and the speaker 
  • In bureau mode, all the inquiries from the directory go directly to you the bureau. (not the speaker) 
  • No direct contact information is shown on speaker profiles 
  • Visitors do not make accounts; there's no contracting or payment through the platform 
  • You pay eSpeakers $250 a month for the service 
  • A few examples are:

Finder's Fee Mode  

  • This mode is useful for speakers bureaus and other organizations that want a "hands-off" directory. This lets the sponsoring organization focus on driving traffic to the directory while the automated platform and eSpeakers staff help the buyers and speakers work with each other. 
  • You get access to our full-featured "shopping cart," which allows buyers to inquire about several speakers at once, and you collect a commission from any sales on the directory. You don't pay eSpeakers anything for the monthly service. 
  • Inquiries go directly to the speaker, who replies through the platform 
  • Contracting and payment are done through the platform 
  • The platform takes a commission, which is shared with the sponsoring organization 
  • The finder's fee refers to a fee that is charged to the speaker if they get a job through your directory. At a minimum, eSpeakers will collect a 10% commission from the speaker as part of this setup. You can then add your commission % on top of the eSpeakers 10%. That's how eSpeakers makes money in this directory mode: by collecting a 10% finder's fee commission. In the finder's fee mode, all the inquiries from the directory go directly to the speakers. 
  • Examples:

Association Mode  

  • This mode is useful for associations and chapters who want to present a member directory. 
  • Visitors can fill out a simple inquiry form that goes directly to the speaker 
  • Speaker's direct contact information shown on speaker profiles 
  • Visitors do not make accounts; there's no contracting or payment through the platform 
  • There is no monthly fee or finder's fee commission on qualifying associations. 
  • You pay eSpeakers $250 a month for the service 
  • Examples:

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