Meeting Professionals International MPI

Meeting Professionals International MPI


eSpeakers enjoys a partnership with MPI that provides great benefits for MPI members and great speaking opportunities for eSpeakers members. MPI publishes a directory of speakers called the MPI Speaker Resource. This directory is powered by eSpeakers Marketplace technology and includes speakers who have an eSpeakers profile.
The MPI Speaker Resource provides a unique benefit not found anywhere else: identification of speakers who are MPI Members, which makes them perfect to speak at chapter meetings.

Benefits of the MPI Speaker Resource

  1. MPI chapter leaders hire speakers exclusively from the MPI Speaker Resource.
  2. Only place where MPI Member speakers are identified.
  3. Event organizers who trust MPI look for speakers to hire in the MPI Speaker Resource.

How Does It Help MPI Chapter Leaders?

  1. The MPI Speaker Resource is the easiest way to get great speakers for your chapter meetings.
  2. MPI Speaker Resource is the only directory with a CMP search , making it easy to find CE programs.

How Does a Speaker Get Listed in the MPI Speaker Resource?

  1. All eSpeakers speaker members with a valid profile are included in the MPI Speaker Resource at no extra cost.
  2. For speakers who are MPI members, the cost of an eSpeakers Basic account ($179/year) is included in your MPI membership. If you do not have an eSpeakers account and are a current MPI member, get your free eSpeakers Basic account here .
  3. Many speakers choose to upgrade their eSpeakers profile to add video, recommendations, and other material to help event organizers understand their value. If you are a speaker who is a current MPI member, use the promo code MPIUP2 to upgrade to the Pro level at a discount.
  4. Speakers who are MPI Members enjoy increased visibility in the MPI Speaker Resource, especially to MPI chapter leaders; find out how to gain this badge in the section "How does a speaker gain the MPI badge on their profile"?

How Does a Speaker Gain the MPI Badge on Their Profile?

MPI Chapter leaders prefer hiring MPI speakers to speak at MPI chapter meetings. When they search for speakers on the MPI Speaker Resource, they may filter the search results so that only MPI speakers are viewed.
mpi verified
To gain the MPI badge on your profile, you must meet three qualifications:
  1. Be a current MPI Member.
  2. Speak on a topic relevant to MPI chapters.
  3. Offer a discount from your normal rate when speaking to MPI chapters.
If you meet all of these requirements and would like to turn on the MPI badge on your profile, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to eSpeakers to edit your profile.
  2. Click the CAREER tab along the left.
  3. Make sure you are identified as an MPI member.
    1. In the ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS area select "MPI - Meeting Professionals International" from the dropdown and click ADD.
  4. In the DESIGNATIONS AND AWARDS area find the MPI checkbox and turn it ON.
  5. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.
NOTE:  MPI staff are notified when you turn this badge on; if they find you do not meet all three criteria (for instance, your MPI membership is not current) they will remove the badge from your profile.

How Does a Speaker Indicate CMP Certification Hours for Their Programs?

As a speaker, you may offer programs that qualify for CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) clock hours. That's valuable information for MPI chapter leaders looking for their next chapter speaker.
This article gives instructions for identifying your program as a provider of Convention Industry Council continuing education (CE) clock hours.

Is There a Cost to Having the New Profile With eSpeakers?

The annual fee for your eSpeakers Basic profile will be waived as a benefit to MPI members (regularly $179 USD per year). Optional upgrades are available at additional cost.
The new system collects a 10% finder’s fee when you are booked for a speaking engagement through the system. This revenue helps your association grow and also provides additional exposure for you through the eSpeakers network. You are never charged a finder’s fee until you actually book a job and get paid.

How Can I Upgrade My Profile to Include Video?

Your eSpeakers Basic account is provided to you at no cost as an MPI member benefit. If you would like to add video, recommendations and other features to your profile, you can upgrade to a Pro account. eSpeakers is offering a 50% discount on your first year of service to current MPI members. To activate this discount:
  1. Sign in to eSpeakers .
  2. Choose PRO from the account level near the top of the screen.
  3. Select an ANNUAL payment schedule (discount does not apply to monthly or quarterly billing).
  4. In the PROMOTIONAL CODE field, enter MPIUP.
  5. Complete the payment process to activate.
This is a limited time offer.

What Settings Does My eSpeakers Profile Need to Be Included in the MPI Directory?

To be included in the MPI directory, you need the following settings active on your eSpeakers profile:
  1. The publicity preference labeled "Marketplace :: Publish my profile" must be ON.
    1. Set your publicity preferences .
  2. Your profile must have a photo.
    1. Set your profile photo .
  3. Your profile must have a bio and an audience benefits statement.
    1. Set your profile bio .
After making these changes, allow 24 hours for your profile to be displayed in the MPI Speaker Resource.

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