Speaker Publicity Settings

Speaker Publicity Settings

Your eSpeakers account gives you access to a wide industry network by sharing your profile and availability calendar in several different ways. This is powerful marketing, but if you want to limit what you share, you can. 

To change your publicity settings

  1. Sign in to eSpeakers
  2. From the menu on left, select MY MARKETING and click PUBLICITY SETTINGS.
  3. Turn individual settings ON or OFF as desired. Changing a checkbox automatically saves it; there is no SAVE button.
For widest exposure and marketing, all of the checkboxes should be ON (except for "Anonymous Data Opt-out").

Explanation of each setting

  1. BUREAU | Speaker bureaus can place holds
    "It is OK for sales reps from bureaus and agencies to place a hold on my calendar electronically (I will be notified immediately via email)."
    Many speaker bureaus use an eSpeakers screen to search for available speakers and place holds on their calendar. Set ON to allow bureaus to do this for you. We recommend ON.
  2. MY DATA | Anonymous Data Opt-out
    "Data about my profile and calendar can NOT be used anonymously to contribute to educational industry averages, even though my individual data is never identifiable."
    eSpeakers periodically gathers and shares general statistics gathered from our customer data. For instance, "The average time between a hold and confirmation is 28 days." No individual data is ever identified. Turn this ON if you do not want your numbers to be used for industry averages. This may prevent you from receiving the benefit of the research. We recommend OFF.
  3. BUREAU | Speaker bureaus can check my calendar
    "It is OK for sales reps from bureaus and agencies to check my availability based on my calendar."
    Many speaker bureaus use an eSpeakers screen to search for available speakers. They are able to know if you have a confirmed offsite event on a certain day, and what city it is in. Set ON to allow bureaus to check your availability for a particular date. We recommend ON.
  4. TRAVEL SCHEDULE | Include me in SpeakerTrack geo marketing done by directory partners.
    "It is OK for bureaus and agencies to include me in SpeakerTRACK email marketing they send to their customers."
    Organizations who publish a directory that includes your profile sometimes send out SpeakerTRACK emails under their brand, to their customer lists, that include speakers who will be traveling to their customer's area. Set ON to be included in these marketing emails. We recommend ON.  
  5. TRAVEL SCHEDULE | Include me in "in-area" marketing
    "It is OK to let potential customers (meeting planners, bureaus, media members, etc) know when I travel to their area."
    eSpeakers leverages your travel in different ways by letting people on our contact lists of meeting planners, speakers bureaus, media members and others know about speakers who will be traveling to their area. Set ON to be included in these marketing emails. We recommend ON.
  6. TRAVEL SCHEDULE | Include me in SpeakerRadar
    "It is OK for other presenters and performers to know when I will be in the same city as they are, based on my travel schedule (confirmed, non-personal events). This is required for the SpeakerRadar email."
    eSpeakers likes to help speakers connect with each other when they travel. Set ON to be included in SpeakerRadar emails that let other professional speakers know when you'll be traveling to the same place they are. We recommend ON.
  7. TRAVEL SCHEDULE | Share my availability on a map
    "When a directory that includes my profile shows a "where in the world" map of speaking engagements, it is OK to include the confirmed non-personal events from my speaking calendar."
    Some directory publishers display a map showing where presenters will be. This can help prospective buyers know about speakers coming to their area. Set this ON to be included on the map based on your event calendar. We recommend ON.
  8. TRAVEL SCHEDULE | Share my availability on my profile
    "When my profile is displayed it will include my availability, based on confirmed events in my calendar. It will show the events I allow in my "LiveSchedule Settings"."
    When a buyer sees your profile on one of the directories where it is published, the visitor can see your upcoming schedule based on your calendar and your LiveSchedule settings. Set ON to show your availability. We recommend ON.
  9. BUREAU | Speaker Bureaus can Propose me to customers
    "It is OK for bureaus and agencies to use my information in a proposal even if their directory does not list me."
    Some speakers bureaus and agencies may find you in the eSpeakers database and include you in a proposal to their customer, even if you are not listed on their directory. Set ON to be included. We recommend ON.
  10. PROFILE | Include me in directories on bureau and agency websites
    "My profile can be displayed on the websites of bureaus and agencies that wish to market me to potential customers. If my profile is marked as Restricted to specific directories, it will display on those regardless of this setting."
    Allow your speaker profile to be displayed in directories that are used by event organizers and people wishing to hire speakers, trainers and coaches. Set ON to be included in the directories that choose you. We recommend ON.
  11. PROFILE | Include me in directories on associations and chapters
    "My profile can be shown on the sites of professional associations or chapter to which I belong."
    Many speaker/trainer/coach associations and chapters use eSpeakers to power their member directory. Set this ON to be included on directories where you are a member. We recommend ON.
  12. PROFILE | Include me in the eSpeakers Marketplace
    "Potential buyers shopping on the eSpeakers Marketplace can see my profile and contact me."
    The eSpeakers Marketplace is eSpeakers' own branded directory. Set this ON to be included on this directory if you qualify. We recommend ON.

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