Signing up for Stripe

Signing up for Stripe


When a buyer hires you through the eSpeakers platform, we handle all of the billing for you and the money is transferred through to your bank account. eSpeakers uses a third-party collection and transfer service called "Stripe" to handle the money. Only speakers need a Stripe account; the event organizer who hires you does not need an account.
When eSpeakers collects fees from the buyer, we transfer them to your Stripe account. Every few days, Stripe will automatically sweep the money into your linked bank account.

How Do I Connect a New or Existing Stripe Account to My eSpeakers Account?

connect stripe marketplace
To connect your Stripe account (an existing one, or a new one that you'll create during this process) to your eSpeakers account, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to EventCX, and go to the MARKETPLACE tab
  2. On the Marketplace screen, click the MONEY tab
  3. On the Money tab, click the CONNECT WITH STRIPE button.
  4. You'll be taken to to create a new account, which will be linked to your eSpeakers account. If you already have a Stripe account do not create a new one; instead sign in to your existing account to link it to eSpeakers.

What if I Already Have a Stripe Account?

Stripe is a popular payment platform, and you may already have a Stripe account before needing one to receive payments from eSpeakers.
preexisting stripe
If you already have a Stripe account, don't create another one. After clicking the CONNECT TO STRIPE button, look in the upper-right part of the screen for a link to sign into your existing Stripe account. Follow that process to link your existing account to eSpeakers rather than creating a new one.

What Happens if I Change My Bank Account or Other Settings in Stripe?

There's generally no problem updating your Stripe account with a new bank account or other information. However, if you are in the middle of an eSpeakers transaction (ie, a buyer has paid your deposit but not the balance yet) you should not change your Stripe information. Wait until the transaction is complete (the event is over and the balance has been paid) before making changes to your Stripe account.
If you want to switch Stripe accounts, you can do that by disconnecting and then reconnecting the new one, but again...don't do that if you're in the middle of transaction.

What if My Bank Account Is a Country Not Supported by Stripe?

Stripe is international, but there are a few countries they cannot yet service. The problem will become visible when you try to attach a bank account from an unsupported country.
In these rare cases, eSpeakers will issue paper checks to speakers in lieu of the (much faster) Stripe process. Contact eSpeakers for more information ( ).

Why Do I Have to Give Stripe My Social Security or Tax ID Number?

When you create a Stripe account, through which the eSpeakers platform will pay you for your work, you are required to enter your US social security number or other tax id number.
The reason? The United States Government. In particular, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Companies who hire and pay other providers are, in most cases, required to report to the IRS how much they paid them. As a provider, you should receive an IRS 1099 form at the end of the year from each client who paid you more than a few hundred dollars ( more information on the IRS site ).
When you are hired through the eSpeakers platform, eSpeakers is paying you and is required to report that to the IRS. This is done through Stripe, and so, Stripe needs that tax id number to comply with government reporting regulations ( more information on the site ).
You should be very careful about giving out your tax id number. When Stripe securely handles payment from potentially many customers who hire you over the years, you no longer need to give your tax information to each of those clients via a W-9 request. Giving it 'once' to a secure online company is more secure than emailing or faxing it to many individual clients.

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