Speaker Radar

Speaker Radar

Dine with speaker friends next time you travel. 

eSpeakers founder Art Berg once told a story about arriving a day early in Hawaii for a speech and spending a boring evening eating a room service dinner . . . alone and lonely. A week later, he found out one of his good speaker friends was doing the exact same thing that night. In the same hotel. One floor above Art's room. What a waste! 

Speaker Radar watches your speaking schedule and lets you know about other speakers who will be in the same cities you're traveling to. You can meet over a meal, for drinks or whatever your schedule permits to connect with old and new friends. Speaker Radar will send you an email about a week before your event — enough time to reach out and expand your professional network. 

How do you make sure you don't miss out?

Just keep your speaking calendar up-to-date in EventCX: either the desktop version or mobile version. This service is free to members of all levels — even free Basic accounts. 

For each event, be sure to enter the complete address (city, state, postal code) where you'll be speaking so our hard-working system can pinpoint precisely where you'll be and who else will be close by. 

Download the free app (eSpeakers EventCX) and use your eSpeakers username to keep your schedule current. 

Speaker Radar Preferences

If you'd rather not share your calendar with other speakers, go to the publicity preferences page in your eSpeakers account and uncheck the box next to "It is OK for other presenters and performers to see my availability calendar."

If you're fine with other speakers knowing when you'll be traveling near them, but you're not interested in receiving notices yourself, go to your eSpeakers account and  MANAGE USERS  to find your email address and set the email permission titled "Receive notifications about fellow speakers who will be in the same cities you travel to." More details about that in this article .

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