SpeakerShare for speakers

SpeakerShare for speakers

The SpeakerShare referral program gives you a great way to help  event organizers who trust you by referring  speakers you trust for their meeting.  

Share_Overview It's about providing value for your client, even when you can't be the one on their stage. Even though you're not their presenter this time, you can still help the meeting be a success by referring speakers you know who would do  almost as good a job as you would. 

Everyone benefits when you refer your speaker friends through SpeakerShare: 

  • Take care of your customer even when you're not speaking for them 
  • The attractive shortlist email makes it easy for your client to evaluate your recommendations 
  • Don't worry about asking for a cut; your 5% commission is collected automatically when your client pays one of the speakers you referred through the platform

How does SpeakerShare work?

SpeakerShare lets you leverage the convenience of the eSpeakers catalog to refer speakers you know for meetings you know about.

How do I refer speakers to my event organizer clients? 

Every time you know about a meeting that needs a speaker -- and it's not a fit for you -- take 2 minutes to help the event organizer by referring speakers you know who would do a good job.  

  1. If you are a speaker with an account on eSpeakers, you're already registered for SpeakerShare. 
    Sign in with your existing eSpeakers username and password »  
    1. If you don't already have an eSpeakers account,   Register as a Sharer » 
  1. Enter the speaking need on a short form, including the name of the event organizer, their email and phone number, and some basic details about the meeting that needs a speaker (date, location, topic area). 
  2. Select up to 6 speakers you know who would do a good job and add them to the referral, or let eSpeakers staff make the picks. 
  3. Add a  short personal note to the event organizer. 
  4. The SpeakerShare program puts together a  beautiful HTML email with your recommendations and your message and sends it to the event organizer.
    1. Each speaker in the email is clickable to their full eSpeakers profile, which can include video, recommendations, etc.
    2. There's also a collaborator tool that lets the event organizer send your suggestions to others on their team and collects private feedback the event organizer can use to narrow down their selection.

A detailed guide is available on this   guide to referring on SpeakerShare in 60 seconds »

How much commission do I get, and how?

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5%, via Stripe. 

When a speaker is paid through the eSpeakers Marketplace, the platform collects the fee from the buyer. The eSpeakers platform uses industry leader Stripe.com to process payments from buyers, collect commissions (like yours!) and send the balance to the speaker who is performing the services.  

Many speakers already have a Stripe account attached to their bank account and registered with eSpeakers, so that they can receive payments from event organizers. If you don't already have this setup,  you can do it now . Your Stripe account is free and makes it easy to get your commissions directly into your bank account. 

When an event organizer you referred speakers to hires and pays one of them through the platform, your commission will be deposited into your Stripe account, and from them into your bank account. It's automatic, and you never have to ask, "So, um...where's my money, buddy?" 

What if I don't want a commission?

Currently, the platform always pays you a commission on applicable hires. You can donate the income to your favorite charity, buy a new iPad for the speaker you referred, or send lavish gifts to the staff at eSpeakers. 

What happens if the event organizer doesn't pay their speaker through the platform?

If the event organizer hires one of your recommended speakers but does not pay them through the eSpeakers platform, then eSpeakers receives no part of the transaction and so cannot pass anything along to you. There are instances where the event organizer pays the speaker directly, outside of the platform, and later eSpeakers can collect the commission by invoicing the speaker. If we're able to collect the commission, that way, we pass it on to you. 

Encourage the speakers you refer and the event organizers to complete the transaction and pay on the eSpeakers platform. It provides transparency and security for all the parties, and makes sure you get paid!

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