The Marketing Value of Your eSpeakers Calendar

The Marketing Value of Your eSpeakers Calendar


eSpeakers EventCX is a specialized calendar designed just for professional speakers, trainers, and coaches. It runs the business efficiently and helps you impress clients.
It's also a powerful marketing tool.
When your speaking calendar is in eSpeakers, four marketing features are activated that help gain exposure and land business:

You Appear in More Search Results on the eSpeakers Marketplace
mp search availability

When an event organizer searches for local talent by location and date, all of the presenters who travel from that area are displayed. Normally, speakers who live outside that area are not included in the search results.
That's where the power of the calendar comes in: speakers who have an event on their calendar in the search area are included right along with the locals.

Your SpeakerTRACKs Go to More of Your Client List

Your SpeakerTRACK marketing tool is powered by your calendar. Once you upload your client list, eSpeakers combines it with your speaking calendar, checking it every single day while you sleep.
Every time you travel, the SpeakerTRACK system finds all of your contacts within an hour's drive of where you will be and notifies them you'll be in town. This is an effortless way to stay top-of-mind, and it happens when you keep your speaking schedule in eSpeakers.

You Get Included in Partner SpeakerTRACKs
speakertrack sample

eSpeakers' partners who publish a speaker directory (MPI, Smart Meetings, etc.) can upload their client list to receive notices when speakers travel to their area.
Speakers who are listed on these directories and have events on their eSpeakers calendar may be included in these emails to event organizers all over the world.

Your Clients Get Realtime Availability on Your Book-Me-Now Page

When you put the Book-Me-Now button in your own website, visitors are reminded what you're about and can click through to a simple form that lets them inquire about having you speak.
One of the most common questions prospective buyers have is, "Are you available?" The Book-Me-Now form can answer that question for them: when they enter an event date, the platform does a realtime check against your eSpeakers calendar and reports whether you are booked that day or not. If you're booked (and it's not marked "personal") the visitor even sees the location, which lets them evaluate if they might be able to piggy-back.

Bonus: CSP Application
speakertrack sample 2

If you're a member of a national speakers association (CAPS, NSA, etc.) that offers the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, then keeping your speaking engagements in eSpeakers has a bonus value: generating the CSP application.
The CSP application process requires submitting a spreadsheet with details of your last five years of speaking engagements. eSpeakers' EventCX app can generate that spreadsheet in the exact required format: just download and send it in. Speakers who have used eSpeakers to manage their calendar have all that data right where it needs to be.

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