Track Custom Data in EventCX

Track Custom Data in EventCX


EventCX was custom designed by professional speakers, and has evolved and grown since 1999 to include nearly every piece of information you may need to know about your events, all in one place.
But when you need to track some information and can't find a spot for it already built-in to the product, the CUSTOM fields can do the job.

Use Custom Fields

EventCX includes 18 fields in which you can store things unique to your operation that do not already have a built-in place on other tabs. 10 of the custom fields are "short" -- they hold up to 100 characters of data. 8 of the custom fields are "long" -- each one of them can hold pages of data.
  1. When looking at the CUSTOM tab on the active event.
  2. Choose either the SHORT or LONG tab to access the custom field, and type data into it.
  3. Click the SAVE button below the fields to commit your update.

Change the Labels on Custom Fields

New EventCX accounts have no labels on any of the eighteen custom fields. To be useful, you'll want to label the fields you're going to use. You may only label one or two of them, or you may use all eighteen.
To label a custom field:
  1. Be signed into your eSpeakers account as a user with the SPEAKER or ADMIN access level.
  2. When looking at the CUSTOM tab on the active event.
  3. Click the CUSTOMIZE LABELS link to see the list of all the current labels.
  4. Enter or edit labels as desired and commit your changes by clicking the SAVE button.
Note: custom field labels are system-wide, not event-specific. When you change them, they are updated for every single event already in the system and for all future events.

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