Use Calendly With Your EventCX Speaking Calendar

Use Calendly With Your EventCX Speaking Calendar

PRESENTERS provides a service that allows easier scheduling of phone calls or other short appointments. When allowing others to schedule appointments with you, Calendly can check your calendar for availability, and certainly your speaking calendar should be included in that check.
These instructions explain how to make sure that Calendly users don't make appointments with you that conflict with your speaking or travel schedule.
eSpeakers is not qualified to provide customer support for any Calendly-related questions. The Calendly team is available here .
To use Calendly with your EventCX speaking calendar:

calendly export
If you've already exported your EventCX speaking calendar so that it shows in your cloud calendar account, you can skip this step.
Using the iCalendar Feed from EventCX, link your EventCX calendar to one of the cloud calendars that Calendly supports (currently Google, Outlook, and iCloud). This help article uses Google Calendar for an example, but the workflow is similar with any of the others.

Generate Your EventCX iCalendar Feed URL

Following these instructions generate an iCalendar export URL with these settings:
Make it include:
  1. Confirmed events
  2. Personal dates
  3. Conference calls
  4. Travel

Import This URL Into Your Cloud Calendar

With your iCalendar export configured as above, follow these instructions to import the provided URL into your cloud calendar.

Connect Calendly to Your Cloud Calendar

In Calendly's settings, choose the provider of the same cloud calendar that you linked to your EventCX calendar in the previous step.

select provider

Make sure that the EventCX calendar is selected
Most cloud calendars allow multiple schedules in them at once, and your EventCX calendar should show up as its own entry. Make sure it's checked.

select calendar

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