User Access Permission Levels Explained

User Access Permission Levels Explained

A presenter account can have multiple users -- each individual who access the account should have their own username. Each user has a "permission level" to let them do appropriate things (and nothing else).

For instance, a presenter may have an assistant who arranges your travel, but should not be able to cancel an event from your calendar. On the other hand, a speaker may have an administrative assistant with full and complete access to the eSpeakers account. 

The Permission Levels that a user may have are:

  • ADMN – This user can fully administer the account. They can do everything the speaker can do, including add and remove other users on the account and manage master lists.
  • SPKR – This user is the speaker on the account. Typically there is exactly one user with this access level per speaker account (the exception being a "speaker" that is 2 or more people). 
  • FULL – This is the most common permission level. This user can fully manage the calendar, but cannot change master lists or manage other users on the account.
  • READ – Commonly assigned to staff, customers, family, etc., who need to be able to view but not edit data. 
  • TRAV – This user can see events, but only make changes on the TRAVEL tab. It's useful when you have inside (or outside) staff whose only job is to manage travel arrangements.

If your username is assigned to multiple speaker accounts, you may have a separate permission level for each speaker.

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