What fields are shared between EventCX and SpeakerFlow Zoho CRM?

What fields are shared between EventCX and SpeakerFlow Zoho CRM?

When you connect your EventCX to the Speakerflow Zoho CRM, the two systems stay in sync for certain pieces of your data. It's useful to know specifically what is connected on each side.

In general (see * in the list for exceptions) this is a 2-way sync: once an EventCX Event is connected to a Zoho Opportunity, a change made to a shared field in either app will update the other. You will usually need a page reload to see updates.

Shared Fields

Presenting To
Org Name (from Account) *
Event Reason
Event Name
Lead Source
Presentation Title
Program Title
Audience Size
Event Attendance
Event Type
Event Medium
Stagetime -> Venue -> Street
Event Street
Stagetime -> Venue -> City
Event City
Stagetime -> Venue -> State
Event State
Stagetime -> Venue -> Country
Event Country
Stagetime -> Venue -> Phone
Event Day Contact & Phone
Stagetime -> Start Date & Time
Program Start
Stagetime -> End Date & Time
Program End
Action Items
Related Activities

* after initial link-up, changes made to EventCX do not update this field in Zoho CRM
The first EventCX Stagetime is linked to the CRM Program Date; additional Stagetimes on an event do not sync to the CRM as it has only room for 1. 
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