Working With Lead Events in EventCX

Working With Lead Events in EventCX


EventCX automates the process of taking your engagements from hold to sold and beyond. It can also help out with events you're trying to get, which we refer to as lead events.
An important note: EventCX is an event manager, not a customer relationship manager (CRM). We recommend you use a good CRM to help you track potential customers. EventCX does, however, have features that are helpful in conjunction with your CRM software.

Entering Lead Status Events on Your Calendar
new lead

On your speaking calendar in EventCX, an event's status can be the common held, or confirmed, but it can also be lead. Setting the status to "lead" indicates the event is one you're pursuing. The potential client may not even know about you...yet!
You might create a lead event when you find out about a call for speakers and apply, or when a colleague lets you know about an upcoming conference that will need presenters. To create a LEAD event:
calendar year view blue
  1. In EventCX, create a new event by using the main menu to click MY EVENTS then choose NEW EVENT. You could also click on the date's number in either the year or month calendar view to create a new event on that date.
  2. In the field labeled STATUS, choose LEAD.
  3. Fill out the rest of the new event form with as much data as you have about the event.
  4. We recommend you set the ACTION LIST field to a list you've set up just for leads (see next section).
  5. Click SAVE to commit the new event to the calendar. It shows up on the year and month calendars in a blue color to differentiate it from confirms, holds, etc.

Create an Action List Just for Leads

Lead events are often months or even years in the future, and they're easy to forget about. An Action List set up just for lead events can help remind you when it's time to follow up. To create an Action List for leads:
new action list item
  1. Follow the general instructions for customizing Master Action Lists .
  2. Create an ActionList called "lead event" (or whatever you'd like; there's nothing magic about the name)
  3. With the list selected, click NEW ITEM and enter a new item with settings like these:
    1. ITEM DESCRIPTION: first followup
    2. WHEN DOES THE ITEM APPLY: when the event is a lead
    3. WHEN IS THE ITEM NORMALLY DUE: 180 days before the event starts
    4. WHO IS USUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS: (select the person in your organization who usually makes outbound calls)
    5. This will send out a reminder email 6 months (180 days) in advance of the event, so that you can contact the event organizer and suggest yourself. You might create another item at 90 days before the event, or whatever fits your sales style.
With that Action List is place, every time you create a new lead status event with the lead event Action List selected, you'll get reminders when it's time to followup and make the sale!

Turn Lost Opportunities Into Golden Leads

No speaker lands every inquiry that gets put on their calendar. It's disappointing to have to release a hold. So next something better with the missed opportunity: turn it into a LEAD event for the next year.
Many events that hire speakers are annual. Next time you would release an event by setting its status to CANCELED, do this instead:
  1. Change the status to LEAD.
  2. Click the EDIT button on the STAGE TIME and set the event date forward one year.
  3. Change the Action List to "lead event" (see section above re: creating a custom Action List).
  4. Click SAVE to commit.
Voila! You've just turned a "no" into a "maybe next year".

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