Working With Multiple Speakers in EventCX

Working With Multiple Speakers in EventCX

The eSpeakers tools are all designed to make it easy for an organization to manage more than one speaker at a time. This is useful for:
  1. Speaker managers
  2. Agencies
  3. Bureaus managing exclusive speakers
  4. Organizations with multiple in-house presenters

How Do I Work With More Than One Speaker Without Using Different Logins?

A single username can be associated ("attached") to more than one speaker. When you sign into eSpeakers as a user who has been attached to more than one speaker, you'll see a dropdown listing all of the speakers you work with and letting them choose which one you want to work with.

To have your eSpeakers username attached to more than one speaker, have that speaker send a note to requesting that your username be attached to their account. We'll take it from there.

A single user can be attached to up to 500 presenters.

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