Become a Virtual Master Presenter

Become a Virtual Master Presenter

VMP badge
If you've already got your Certified Virtual Presenter badge, and are ready to learn the skills that will make your online sessions memorable and meaningful for the virtual audience, then you are ready to be trained and certified as a Master Virtual Presenter   

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Course + Certification

The Virtual Master Presenter course is made up of a live, instructor-led training session (over Zoom, of course!), followed by an assessment. On completion and passing an assessment, you'll receive the Virtual Master Presenter badge to display on your website, eSpeakers profile, email, business card, etc. 

What's covered in the course?

    1. know the nuances of lighting, background, camera angle, microphone, and personal image
    2. determine if standing up or sitting are better for you
    3. see what attendees see (hint: it might not be what you see on your screen)
    4. …and more
    1. use a simple technique few presenters use to help your audience feel more connected to you
    2. manage your windows (chat, slides, gallery) so your audience feels you’re always looking at them
    3. view your notes and still look directly at the camera
    4. …and more
    1. mitigate “Zoom fatigue”
    2. shift in-person presentation techniques to virtual
    3. reduce people’s itch to multi-task
    4. …and more
    1. optimize your slides for viewing on mobile
    2. use relevant, non-smarmy animations to keep your audiences’ attention
    3. view your slides, group gallery, chat, and presenter view all on the same screen
    4. …and more
    1. create a Plan B (or even Plan C) to ensure a quick recovery in case there’s a tech glitch
    2. basics you need to do in every virtual presentation to calm any tech anxiety
    3. show your slides from mobile if your computer shuts down
    4. …and more
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Upcoming Training Sessions

The online course is a live instructor-led course. All courses are presented in English, and class size is limited. The course is offered over 5 sessions of 3 hours each, completed within a few weeks.

Course Fee

The course fee is $1,295 USD and includes the assessment and one assessment retry if needed; this is the only fee you'll pay to get training, assessment and badge. 


Before taking the VMP course, you must complete the audio/video check that is part of the Certified Virtual Presenter. Schedule your 20 minute assessment before your VMP course begins.


When registering for the full course, you must commit to attending (live) 4 of the 5 sessions. Spotty attenders disrupt the cohesion of the cohort, and leave assigned learning buddies without a buddy.

Assessment Policies

Assessments must be taken within 90 days of course completion. Schedule your assessment by sending email to virtualmaster -at-

Your full-price course fee includes two assessment attempts. If you do not pass the first assessment, you'll be told specifically what to correct and can retry once more at no additional cost.

Assessments alone can be purchased for $650 USD. A standalone assessment (to get the badge without taking the course, or if you have used the 2 attempts included with a course) includes one retry attempt if you do not pass the first time.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Curated setup. Have you implemented best practices for your background, lighting, mic, and camera position? Is your "frame" tidy, authentic, and represents you professionally? Is your camera at the best height? Is your lighting optimal? Does your mic make you sound your best?
    1. frame is tidy, authentic, professional, with a minimum of promotional clutter
    2. camera positioned at eye-level with little angle
    3. audio is clear, mic is positioned near mouth
    4. image quality is clear, lit well
    5. testee’s eyes are positioned to show at ¼ to ⅓ from the top of the screen 
  2. Extended eye connection. Do you keep focused on the camera the majority of the time? Do you position your windows so you keep your eyes near the camera? 
    1. during the assessment, testee has maintained eye contact 80% of the time
    2. testee repositions self-view, gallery, chat box, and other tools to show near camera
  3. Meaningful engagement. How do you get the audience involved and engaged beyond asking for responses in chat and polls? Are your activities relevant to your points? How often do you incorporate an activity to offset lecture?
    1. ask testee how they get audience involved
      1. "chats" and "polls" not valid answers
      2. Minimal/no non-topic focused activities (e.g., non-relevant ice breakers, games)
    2. share how often an activity is  incorporated to offset lecture
  4. Attractive visuals. How do you manage the audience's attention with your visuals? Are your visuals appealing in color, contrast and visual balance? Are your fonts large enough to be comprehended on a phone? Are your images large, with minimal text?
    1. view 10 slides
    2. appealing color, contrast, balance
    3. fonts are large enough to read on a phone screen
    4. images large, with minimal text
    5. control attention with builds
  5. Tech comfort and competency. Can you seamlessly use your platform's tech tools? Are you prepared for a tech hiccup? Demonstrate your Plan B if something goes awry during a presentation. 
    1. demonstrate features
      1. Screen share without asking “can you see my slides?”
    2. demonstrate the failover to plan B with minimal interruption
      1. Switch to presenting from a second device

Refund Policy

If you cancel before the session starts, we will apply your full fee to the next cohort, or towards testing out.
You can get a refund through the first break of the first session (typically an hour or two into the first session). Refunds are subject to a $75 processing fee.

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