Directory Publishing Partners

Directory Publishing Partners

eSpeakers enjoys many partnerships that help our speaker members gain a wider audience.

Partners That Publish Speaker Profiles

  1. Global Speakers Federation (GSF) click COMMUNITY then FIND A SPEAKER
  2. National Speakers Association (NSA) [site] click FIND A SPEAKER on home page
  3. Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) [site] use the TALENT SEARCH area on home page
  4. Smart Meetings [site] click FIND A SPEAKER on home page
  5. Meeting Professionals International (MPI) (site)

How Do I Get My Profile Published on a Particular Directory?

Some of our publishing partners select their own speakers to display, some display speakers who are members of their organization, and others display all of the speakers available in the eSpeakers catalog.
But in all cases, your profile will not be displayed unless it has at least:
  1. Your name
  2. Basic profile photo
  3. Audience Benefits Statement (or tagline)
  4. At least one paragraph of text in the main bio
  5. At least one topic selected

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