Make your site look and act like a million bucks with plugins that you can embed on your own web site.

Embed Powerful Plugins on Your Web Site

Follow these steps to make your eSpeakers profile a potent salesperson that works for you 24x7. As you complete these steps, keep in mind that the Marketplace SEO ranking of your profile in the search results can be improved -- focus on the following to assist in improving your ranking.
  1. Book Me Now button
  2. LiveSchedule
    1. How do I add LiveSchedule to my website?
    2. Choose settings for schedule to display on website (LiveSchedule)
  3. Online Assistant
  4. SpeakerTRACK Guestbook
  5. Video Theatre
See an example of all these plugins in action on our Zeke Ridges demo site .

zeke ridges

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