Speaker Lead Center

Speaker Lead Center

One of the benefits of your eSpeakers account is a set of tools that help you find and create
leads for speaking opportunities.  These tools are gathered into one screen called the "Lead Center".

How To Access The Lead Center

As a speaker/entertainer you can access the lead center with these steps:
  1. Sign in with your eSpeakers login
  2. On the dashboard screen, choose LEAD CENTER from the choices on the left.

What's available in the Lead Center

The Lead Center gathers together several tools you can use to get new leads by promoting yourself to new bureaus and event organizers, browsing through speaking opportunities to which you can apply, tools to mine your own contact list, and more.

Lead Board

The Lead Board lists speaking opportunities that you can apply to if you want to.

Geo-target Contacts

eSpeakers maintains a list of nearly 10,000 individuals who are potential customers for speakers and entertainers. Each contact is geo-targeted -- we've mapped their location -- and every time you travel you can find contacts in the area you'll be. 


This unique program lets you take advantage of the jobs you don't get. When you become aware of a speaking need, enter it into SpeakerShare and select a few speakers who know who would be a good fit. The event organizer will be helped by your recommendations, and when they book the event through the Marketplace platform, you'll get percentage!


SpeakerTrack is a great way to stay in touch with your own contact list in a way that keeps you top of mind. Upload your contact list and let our system geocode them. After that, the automated system does all the work for you. Each time you go speak, all of your contact within 60 miles of your speaking location will be notified with a friendly email letting them know you'll be in town and inviting them to connect with you.


Want to get introduced to more speaker's bureaus? eSpeakers will use the information in your speaking profile to create a beautiful HTML email and will send it to nearly 400 bureau reps in our contact list. There is an additional fee for this service.



Looking for some exposure to event organizers? Use PlannerBlast to send your speaking profile to over 10,000 event organizers that we have in our contact list. There is an additional fee for this service. 
BureauBlast Anatomy of a BureauBlast / PlannerBlast

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