Directory Management (Bureaus & Associations)

Directory Management (Bureaus & Associations)

An eSpeakers-powered directory is a great addition to any website that wants to help speakers connect to the audiences that need them. This area is for administrators who control how your organization's directory works and which speakers appear in it. 

  1. Administer my eSpeakers-powered Directory
  2. Add / remove speakers from my directory 
  3. Special directions for national associations and chapters
  4. Add speakers who do not yet have an eSpeakers profile
  5. Generate traffic to my directory with SpeakerTRACK
  6. Highlight talent on my directory
  7. Simple directory or full-featured booking machine: choosing how my directory operates
  8. Changing basic settings on my Marketplace directory
  9. How to use my own topics on my Marketplace directory
Looking for technical information about linking the directory to your site, changing the look, etc? Check out the webmaster's area.

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